AvidCX users can view any report on a 5, 6, 10, or 100 point scale. The point scale can be changed on any individual report or updated as a default setting for all reports if a specific point scale is preferred. The ability to adjust the point scale per personal preference helps each user customize their Avid experience to better understand and analyze data. 

For example, the marketing department may prefer viewing reports on a 5 point scale because it’s commonly used for front-facing data like customer ratings.  On the other hand, the operations department may prefer using a 100 point scale because it’s the most “accurate” score and most closely simulates percentages (85/100 = 85%).

This personalization saves users time because data is presented in the correct context, making it easier to read the reports and draw appropriate insights.

How to update the point-scale (100pt, 10pt, 6pt, or 5pt) per individual report?

To see the different rating scales per report, go to your Reports and select a ratings scale (100PT, 10PT, 6PT, and 5PT) from the drop-down.

How to change the default settings for users point-scale ratings?:

Users can also change their default rating scale under User Settings by clicking General Settings. 

If you are currently an AvidCX customer and have questions on this feature, please contact your Client Success Manager.

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