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Homeowner Education & Communication

Ready to relieve pressure on your customer care and warranty teams? HomeKeep™ minimizes post-move-in calls and claims through proactive and timely communications tailored specifically for new homeowners. Homebuyers receive personalized tips and easy-to-follow maintenance instructions, enhancing their confidence, self-reliance, and overall satisfaction.

HomeKeep™ Homeowner Education & Communication

60% of homeowners admit they neglect completing even basic home maintenance tasks.

HomKeep™ Email, SMS and In-App Notifications

Relevant, Timely Multi-Channel Communications

Homeowners can opt-in and customize email, SMS and in-app notifications to suit their preferences.

Increase homebuyer satisfaction by ensuring every maintenance reminder, SMS prompt and in-app tutorial is useful and timely.  Customized communication options ensures high homeowner engagement and utilization.

42% of millennials feel embarrassed by their lack of home maintenance knowledge.

Detailed Maintenance Instructions with Supporting Video Content

A clearer, more thorough approach to homebuyer education.

Tailored maintenance plans, tasks, and guidance give homebuyers a manageable list of DIY responsibilities. Each task comes with clear, step-by-step instructions, supported by images and videos for an incredibly user-friendly, guided experience.

Videos boost long-term learning retention 83%, compared to text alone, helping homebuyers become self-sufficient more efficiently.

HomeKeep™ Home Maintenance Prompts & Reminders

Personalized Home Maintenance Prompts and Reminders

Give homebuyers an easy, failproof way to stay on top of their maintenance regularly and routinely.

HomeKeep™ furnishes your homebuyers with timely and relevant home maintenance notifications. Automated reminders provide not only a clear grasp of maintenance tasks, but also their proper frequencies and schedules, effectively reducing inquiries and questions directed at your customer care and operations teams.

81% of surveyed customers want reminder emails that are as personalized and conveniently timed as possible (Snov).


Can homeowners track their maintenance activities through HomeKeep™?2023-12-20T18:00:38+00:00

Yes, homeowners can easily track and manage their completed maintenance tasks using HomeKeep™’s interactive platform.

What types of communication channels does HomeKeep™ offer?2023-12-20T18:02:06+00:00

HomeKeep™ offers customizable communication through email, SMS, and in-app notifications tailored to homeowner preferences.

Are the maintenance instructions in HomeKeep™ easy to follow for first-time homeowners?2023-12-20T18:03:34+00:00

Yes, HomeKeep™ provides clear, step-by-step instructions, supported by images and videos, making it user-friendly for first-time homeowners.

How does HomeKeep™ help in reducing customer care inquiries?2023-12-20T18:05:46+00:00

By providing timely maintenance notifications and clear instructions, HomeKeep™ significantly reduces the number of inquiries directed at customer care teams.

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