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AI-Driven Warranty Management

Utilizing advanced algorithms and contextual Q&A, our HomeKeep Platform offers automated, real-time warranty triage, 24/7. Analyze, prioritize, deescalate, and route homeowner warranty request to the appropriate destination automatically, in real-time.

HomeKeep Warranty Triage Tool Deployed on the Diva Homes Website

49% of new homeowners submit 8 or more warranty-related issues during the first 30 days in their home.

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Improving the Warranty Management Process

Our warranty management tools ease the burden on homebuilders by efficiently triaging and managing warranty requests, while simultaneously empowering homeowners to take control of issue resolution from day one and throughout the lifetime of their homeownership.

More than 60% of homeowner warranty related issues happen outside of typical business hours.

Reduce Interactions and Exceed Expectations

Our warranty module reduces unnecessary interactions between homeowners and builders. 24/7 triage of warranty-related issues and year-round homeowner availability for both warranty and non-warranty related topics ensures that homeowners have the support they need whenever it’s required.  This not only enhances homeowner satisfaction but can also reduce homebuilder personnel costs.

AI-Driven Warranty Diagnostics

Only 14% of the Top 200 builders currently leverage AI and other advanced solutions to assist with home warranty claims management.

A Win for Builders and Homeowners

A Win for Builders and Homeowners

The HomeKeep Platform is the only solution on the market that provides homebuilders with comprehensive warranty management functionality while also equipping new homebuyers with the tools needed to become educated and informed homeowners long after the warranty period.

The total home building industry warranty reserve is over $1.94 billion.


What is the typical implementation time to deploy the HomeKeep triage tool?2023-11-28T02:56:24+00:00

The typical implementation time for the HomeKeep warranty tool varies. It can be as quick as embedding a few lines of code onto a website, or take a bit longer for more complex back-end systems.

How does HomeKeep integrate with my current processes and systems?2023-11-28T02:56:57+00:00

HomeKeep’s warranty tool is designed to integrate smoothly with most existing builder processes. For those with more complex back-end infrastructures, we will thoroguhly evaluate and discuss options to ensure seamless integration during the initial and implementation phases.

Can homeowners send documents through the HomeKeep mitigation tool?2023-11-28T02:57:18+00:00

Absolutely, homeowners can upload photos, documents, and other files directly through the HomeKeep triage tool. This feature enables more accurate and detailed issue reporting, streamlining the warranty management process.

How does HomeKeep’s warranty triage tool help improve homebuilder efficiency?2023-11-28T02:57:43+00:00

HomeKeep’s warranty triage tool not only automates the categorization and prioritization of incoming warranty claims but also intelligently routes specific types of requests directly to third-party manufacturers. This reduces the need for homebuilder intervention in cases where the manufacturer is best suited to address the concern. By streamlining the warranty claim process in this way, homebuilders can focus on more critical issues, reduce manual administrative tasks, and leverage the tool’s analytics to improve both construction and warranty management processes over time.

How does HomeKeep’s warranty management solution improve homeowner communication & satisfaction?2023-11-28T02:58:05+00:00

Not all warranty requests need to be addressed by the homebuilder directly. HomeKeep intelligently identifies issues that homeowners can address themselves and guides them to DIY documentation for quick resolution. Additionally, HomeKeep also determines warrantable issues that fall under the responsibility of appliance and other home system manufacturers. By guiding homeowners to the right solutions and reducing unnecessary interactions with the builder, HomeKeep ensures timely resolutions, leading to increased homeowner satisfaction and trust.

What is a warranty management triage tool?2023-11-28T02:58:47+00:00

A warranty management triage tool is a specialized solution that streamlines the process of receiving, assessing, and ultimately addressing homebuilder warranty claims. It helps builders efficiently categorize, prioritize and route warranty requests, ensuring timely responses and effective resolution.

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