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AI-Driven Warranty Management

Utilizing advanced algorithms and contextual Q&A, AvidWarranty™ offers automated, real-time warranty triage, 24/7. Analyze, prioritize, deescalate, and route homeowner warranty request to the appropriate destination automatically, in real-time.

HomeKeep Warranty Triage Tool Deployed on the Diva Homes Website

49% of new homeowners submit 8 or more warranty-related issues during the first 30 days in their home.

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Improving the Warranty Management Process

Our warranty management tools ease the burden on homebuilders by efficiently triaging and managing warranty requests, while simultaneously empowering homeowners to take control of issue resolution from day one and throughout the lifetime of their homeownership.

More than 60% of homeowner warranty related issues happen outside of typical business hours.

Reduce Interactions and Exceed Expectations

Our triage module reduces unnecessary interactions between homeowners and builders. 24/7 triage of warranty-related issues and year-round homeowner availability for both warranty and non-warranty related topics ensures that homeowners have the support they need whenever it’s required.  This not only enhances homeowner satisfaction but can also reduce homebuilder personnel costs.

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Only 14% of the Top 200 builders currently leverage AI and other advanced solutions to assist with home warranty claims management.

A Win for Builders and Homeowners

A Win for Builders and Homeowners

AvidWarranty™ integrated with our HomeKeep Platform is the only solution on the market that provides homebuilders with comprehensive warranty management functionality while also equipping new homebuyers with the tools needed to become educated and informed homeowners long after the warranty period.

The total home building industry warranty reserve is over $1.94 billion.


What is the typical implementation time to deploy the AvidWarranty™ triage tool?2024-02-26T03:25:22+00:00

The typical implementation time for AvidWarranty™ varies. It can be as quick as embedding a few lines of code onto your website, or it can take a bit longer if integration with back-end systems is necessary.  Our goal is to ensure a seamless implementation tailored to your unique operational requirements.

How does AvidWarranty™ integrate with my current processes and systems?2024-02-26T00:56:25+00:00

AvidWarranty™ seamlessly integrates with a wide range of builder processes, ensuring a smooth transition for most setups. For more intricate warranty management operations, our team is dedicated to conducting a comprehensive evaluation and discussing tailored options, guaranteeing a seamless integration right from the start.

Can homeowners send documents through the AvidWarranty™ mitigation tool?2024-02-26T00:54:02+00:00

Yes, homeowners have the capability to upload photos, documents, and various files directly through the AvidWarranty™ platform. This functionality facilitates precise and comprehensive issue documentation, significantly enhancing the efficiency of the warranty management process.

How does the AvidWarranty™ triage tool enhance efficiency for homebuilders?2024-02-26T00:51:22+00:00

The AvidWarranty™ triage tool revolutionizes efficiency by automating the categorization and prioritization of warranty claims. Its intelligent design directs specific requests straight to third-party manufacturers when appropriate, minimizing the need for homebuilder involvement. This automation:

  • Streamlines the Claims Process: By efficiently handling routine claims, it allows homebuilders to concentrate on more complex issues.
  • Reduces Manual Tasks: It decreases the administrative burden, freeing up valuable time and resources.
  • Optimizes Operations: Leveraging the tool’s analytics can lead to continuous improvements in construction quality and warranty service.

By simplifying the warranty management workflow, homebuilders can achieve significant operational efficiencies and focus on delivering superior quality and service.

How does AvidWarranty™ enhance communication and satisfaction for homeowners?2024-02-26T00:49:31+00:00

AvidWarranty™, streamlines the warranty service process in multiple ways:

  • Empowering Homeowners: It identifies issues that homeowners can resolve independently and provides easy access to step-by-step DIY guides. This empowerment enables quick and straightforward solutions for many common concerns, enhancing the homeowner’s sense of control and satisfaction.
  • Directing to Expert Help: For more complex issues, particularly those under warranty by appliance and home system manufacturers, AvidWarranty™ accurately directs homeowners to the appropriate support channels. This ensures that warrantable issues are addressed by the right experts, minimizing delays and unnecessary interactions with the homebuilder.

By offering clear guidance and efficient problem-solving pathways, AvidWarranty™ significantly improves the homeowner experience, fostering trust and satisfaction with the homebuilder’s warranty commitments.

What is a home warranty management triage tool?2024-02-26T00:47:12+00:00

A home warranty management triage tool is a sophisticated software solution designed to optimize the handling of homebuilder warranty claims. It serves as the first point of contact for incoming warranty requests, employing intelligent algorithms to:

  • Categorize Claims: It sorts incoming requests by type and urgency, ensuring that each is addressed appropriately.
  • Prioritize Actions: The tool assesses the severity and impact of each claim to prioritize them, guaranteeing that critical issues are attended to swiftly.
  • Route Requests: Depending on the nature of the claim, it can direct requests either to the responsible teams within the homebuilding organization or directly to third-party vendors or manufacturers.

This strategic approach not only accelerates the response time for warranty issues but also significantly enhances the overall efficiency of the claim management process. By ensuring that each claim is handled by the most appropriate party, it leads to quicker resolutions, increased homeowner satisfaction, and more effective use of homebuilder resources.

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