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For more than 20 years, Avid Ratings has helped thousands of builders strengthen their reputations and sell more homes to more satisfied homebuyers. From builders and remodelers, to product manufacturers and many other housing professionals, Avid uses a series of surveys that allow you to measure, monitor & optimize the homeowner experience, creating loyal brand advocates along the way, so you have a clear understanding of the value you bring through the eyes of your customers. You can then compare yourself to competitors, and promote positive reviews to create visibility and leads.

AvidCX | Survey Touchpoints and Marketing Capabilities

Pre-Occupancy Homebuyer Surveys

Sales Experience
Measurement of sales team & process

Design Experience
Measurement of design team & process

Sales & Design Experience
Measurement of sales team & process, plus the design & process

Mid-Construction Experience
Measurement of sales team & process, design & process, plus construction team & process.

Construction Experience
Measurement of the construction team & process

At-Closing Experience
Measurement of closing process, tablet survey

Post-Occupancy Homeowner Surveys

Move-In Homeowner Experience
Measurement of sales, design, construction, homeowner orientation (PDI), materials & workmanship, lot/location & community.

Mid-Year Homeowner Experience
Measurement of warranty service team & process, materials & workmanship, lot/location & community.

Year-End Homeowner Experience
Measurement of warranty service team & process, materials & workmanship, lot/location & community. Key indicator of long-term customer loyalty

Retroactive Homeowner Experience
Past homeowner feedback (new client) Based on Move-in Homeowner Experience Survey template above.

Other Avid Surveys

Sales Center Feedback
Measurement of Sales Center Experience

Prospect & Lost Customer Feedback
Feedback from prospects that did not purchase

Realtor Feedback
Experience of realtors working with your company

Employee Feedback
Employee satisfaction & culture metrics

Trade Feedback
Relationship measurement of your trade partners & suppliers

AvidCX | Digital Dashboard

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